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Saturday, May 11, 2019

"Your Other Right"

    ENTRY 462


I did a total of 16 rounds of sparring last week. Six on Thursday and 10 on Friday.
Martin hit me in the kidney with a nice right hook. Not unlike three weeks ago when Dave hit me with an awesome liver shot.
Yes. I need to work on body defence.

I have been concentrating recently on offence. The main problem I have had in the past was that I was not aggressive enough, so for the past few months, I have been working on offensive techniques. "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy".

Since I have been working so hard on aggressiveness my defence has been lacking.
Although I have never had the best body defence. 
I tend to use "lazy" defensive techniques for head defence. I like to block or parry. I would rather not have to slip or roll. Although, I need to start using more different techniques to defend.
Now that I have offence done, next I am going to start working on a good defence platform. I will focus on the body but also use more slips and rolls.

There is a club card coming soon and I want to be on it, so I need to be prepared. I have to impress the coaches.
I won't be registering for the Bronze Gloves this year. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am going to be cutting 'way back on tournaments and concentrating on the local club events.


I did a few rounds of target pad work with Coach Johnny last week.
In one session he asked me to do something odd. He said, 'Slip the left and come back with a left hook'. I was confused because that is not something that you would ever do.
You can't throw a left hook off of a left slip unless you reset first.
I questioned, "Left hook? Are you sure?"
He then said, "Slip the RIGHT and then a left hook! You will get knocked out doing it the other way!"
Oh, yeah that makes sense. I have no idea why I was thinking to slip the left.
Likely because on the rare occasion that I actually slip, it is a left slip, so I was thinking that and actually tried it.
Here I am with over six years experience in boxing and I went and made an idiot mistake like that right in front of the coach.
I'm an idiot.


Just a reminder that the next edition of "The Brick's Guide To Boxing In Toronto" is due out by the end of May.
If you have any additions or edit suggestions, PM me.


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Stockyards Is In the (Cabbagetown) House!

    ENTRY 461


You can tell it is a slow week when I am doing a sparring update.

During our Friday morning sparring session I got to spar all the girls.
That's right. None of the guys wanted to spar which was unusual.

The thing about sparring the girls is that although they don't hit as hard, they are really fast.

She is there, and then she is not. 
What the hell just happened?

It is good to practice with people who are fast. Speed is very important in boxing.

Regardless of who I work with in the ring, I appreciate it. 
Everyone at Cabbagetown is good to work with.
I am about to get to the one-year mark at Cabbagetown. At the end of May I will have been training at Cabbagetown for a year.
Thank you to my teammates for all their help over the past year.
Oh, yeah, and of course the coaches too.


I would like to welcome Cyrus to the Cabbagetown Boxing Club.
He is also a Masters division boxer. He used to train with me back at Stockyards. He moved on to the Sully's Boxing Gym shortly after I moved on.
He recently left Sully's due to their limited hours of operation. He likes the morning sessions that Cabbagetown offers.

Welcome, and I now have another sparring partner.


Thursday, April 18, 2019

Reasons Why Boxing Is Misunderstood: Blame It On the Media

    ENTRY 460


For this, entry number 460, I would like to discuss one of my peeves about boxing. Well, not boxing itself, but a look into why there are so many out there who simply just don't understand the sport.

Although it is not something that I commonly think about, it came to mind earlier in the week while the wife and I were watching something on TV.
On this particular show (a comedy), boxing was being represented and it was at that point I realized how many times boxing is misrepresented in TV, film and radio.

In this entry, a closer look as to how poorly this great sport is represented in the media.


Laverne and Shirley S3E2: "Tag Team" (1977)  The character Carmine Ragusa was apparently a boxer in the series in this and the episode "Rocky Ragu" although in neither episode do we ever see him boxing.
In this episode, once in the ring, all that happens is a bunch of silliness. Including Carmine's opponent sitting on a stool in the middle of the ring and pulling his trunks all the way up to "confuse" his opponent.  None of this would most certainly be allowed in the real world of boxing. Although a comedy, there are ways this segment could have been funny without disrespecting the sport.

Three's Company S7E16: "Jack Goes the Distance" (1983)  This was very accurate right up to the boxing bout.  
Jack is challenged by a boxer to "come to the gym to fight". 
First of all two guys can't just walk into a boxing gym and jump into the ring. It just doesn't work that way. 
Second, once in the ring things just became silly. Not really any boxing at all. Jack was just messing around and even the character who was supposed to be the boxer didn't do any boxing, either. Yes, this is a comedy, but one can still be funny and represent boxing in an intelligent way.

Fame S3E5: "Knockout" (1983) In this episode, the character Christopher is challenged to a boxing bout. Apparently this character had boxing experience. Although not much of the boxing is shown in the episode, just before the bout Christopher says, "When you are in a fight there is a bloody guy on the canvas who isn't going anywhere for a while."
That is not how boxing works. Great build-up, though.


Stu Jefferies CHBM-FM Toronto This guy just drives me absolutely crazy and that is the reason I no longer listen to him. He is constantly saying stupid things on the radio. I think he forgets that there are thousands of people listening to him.

Among his comments was one about a year ago when he actually had the nerve to compare boxing to MMA, saying that they were the same.

I found that quite offensive. 
Even if he didn't know he should have done some research first.

Boxing has nothing to do with martial arts and should not be compared to it.
MMA is a form of self-defense that was sloppily turned into a "sport". Whereas, boxing has always been a sport that can be used as a form of self defense.
Completely opposite and definitely not the same.


Of all of these, films seem to represent boxing the most accurately.
However, nobody can mention boxing films without mentioning Rocky.

I think few can deny that Rocky is a very likable character and that in his fictitious world he was heavyweight champion. However, let's be honest, in the real world he never would have been a champion. He had zero technique and had the sloppiest form of boxing every represented by a boxing character in a film. I doubt he would have even been good enough to become a professional in the real world.

To sum up, it is important to remember that in most cases the entertainment industry likes to "enhance" things and that includes boxing.  

If you really want to learn what boxing is really all about, ask someone who knows. A boxer or a boxing coach.

You can't believe everything the entertainment media throws at you.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bob and Jab

    ENTRY 459


Hi there. 
I know it has been a while since posting something here. 
I was taking a bit of a break.

I am now back and I will try to keep up regular weekly postings.

Generally I post on Wednesday or Thursday but sometimes on the weekend.
Either, way I post update reminders on both Facebook accounts.


No, this is not a new radio morning show host duo.

The coaches at Cabbagetown Boxing Club are keeping up the great work.
I sparred four rounds on Thursday morning and a coach pointed out another point to improve my overall boxing.

He noted that when I move forward I am walking right in and sometimes getting smacked on the way in.
The solution for that is to move side to side. Not just that, but to jab as well.

I started practicing. It is actually a lot more difficult to do than it sounds. Try doing it and stay on balance.

There will be sparring on Friday morning so I will be for sure working on that.

I seem to learn something new every week.

As I always say. A good athlete is always raising the bar and improving.

I have to say that the coaches at Cabbagetown understand that. 
Unlike coaches at other places I have trained, Cababgetown coaches allow you to improve in steps. 

They do not do what was done at so many other boxing gyms, and that is throw a bunch of crap at you all at once and expect you to learn it all in a couple of days.

I highly recommend Cabbagetown for anyone who wants to learn how to box or even if you know how to box but want to learn more. 

Visit us at 2 Lancaster Ave. in Toronto.


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Baggin' It

    ENTRY 458


This past weekend was the fundraiser to send one of our boxers to Victoria for the national championships.
It went very well and we had a good turnout despite the lack of advertising.

I did an exhibition match (demonstration) with Martin.

I'm a bit disturbed by this photo as I am not too sure what I was doing here.
I appear to be looking for something.
Perhaps I was checking to see if my balls were big enough to get into the ring with Mertin.

Actually, I was trying to make an adjustment to my trunks which was difficult with boxing gloves on.

Is that a camera?

Come on, Martin. Come get some.

I brought a camera operator from Metropolis TV  to capture the event.

I will be putting together a memorabilia video for the club that all boxers and coaches will have access to.

I am currently editing it using my new edit suite. The first thing to be produced on my virgin post-production system. 
I guess it is not a virgin anymore.


This is not your ordinary heavy bag. 
It is a state of the art heavy bag.

See that white thing attached to it near the top?
That is what makes it state of the art.

This bag records how hard you hit and calculates 'damage'.

Yes. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Ivan Drago.

I have not tried it yet. Nobody has. It is something new and nobody wants to be the first to try it.

The bag connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth with this software. Although, I am not too sure how it works.

I will try it out sometime before the next blog entry and let you know all about it.

Technology is amazing, isn't it?


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Cabbagetown Boxing Fundraiser

    ENTRY 457


The Cabbagetown Boxing Club will be hosting a fundraiser on March 23.

The idea of this is to send a boxer to BC for the National Championships. Unfortunately, when you are sent to such a competition you are on your own when it comes to getting there. You have to come up with your own funding. 
Cabbagetown Boxing is currently in the process of raising finances so our Ontario champion can represent our province and become the Canadian champion.

On Saturday, March 23, Cabbagetown Boxing will be open to the public with live boxing demonstrations by our boxers. There will also be a 50/50 draw. Admission is $10. 
Please come out on Saturday at 7PM and help support one of our athletes.
It will be a fun night. 
I will be there as well so you can meet you favorite blogger.

Cabbagetown Boxing Club at 2 Lancaster Avenue. (Parliament St./Winchester St.)


Monday, March 11, 2019

Going To Siberia (Again)

    ENTRY 456


This coming Saturday morning, the Siberia Boxing Club will be hosting an open sparring session for any boxers.
It will also an opportunity for officials to practice.

This is a really good idea. I don't remember this ever being done before.

I found out that the Siberia Boxing Club is only a few blocks from where I work and I am working Saturday morning until 8. Therefore, I can go right after work.
I am seriously thinking of doing that but I am going to run it by my coach first.

Last week I sparred a total of 15 rounds. That just about the amount I like. 
I have also been slowly ramping up conditioning as well. 
That is the most important part of boxing and once my conditioning is better I will be ready for my next performance in the ring. Hopefully within the next couple of month.

I am not sure when the next club event will be happening. 
Someone told me that there was going to be one in Hamilton on March 24, but apparently, our team is not going.

Other than that there is really nothing new happening. 

Outside of boxing, I am still working on getting my video editing business and RAdiO C:\ 65 going again. I am just waiting for financing to come through. It looks like it will be happening very soon.